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"There is no justification for a war against Iraq"


To the German government and the members of the UN Security Council

January 1 the Federal Republic of Germany will become a member in the United Nations Security Council for two years. In February, Germany will preside over this body.

The German government's repeated NO to the war against Iraq was also decisive for it's reelection during the federal elections in September 2002. The responsibility bestowed on this issue by the German electorate upon their government can be lived up to through it's cooperation within the UN Security Council.

Therefore we demand of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as of all other member states of the United Nations Security Council:

  1. Commit yourselves to averting the danger of a war against Iraq. The UN Charter does not justify military sanctions based solely on the violations of disarmament or other obligations incurred through UN resolutions. Use your vote and your influence to prevent the Security Council from authorizing military intervention against Iraq. Use the political weight of the United Nations to prevent the USA from unilaterally engaging in war against that nation.
  2. Support the fair completion of the current UN inspections in Iraq. Prevent these inspections from being abused in order to serve as preparation or as a pretext for going to war against Iraq. These inspections have as their objective, the disarmament of Iraq. The discovery of illegal weapons or arms programs would call for the destruction of these weapons and the dismantlement of the programs and not the launching of a war.
  3. UN sanctions against Iraq must be lifted as quickly as possible. The manifold substantiated, devastating consequences of these sanctions are blatantly violating the rights of the Iraqi population as accorded under international law. The Iraqi leadership is prepared to engage in dialogue and cooperation with the United Nations.

The primary mission of the United Nations is the prevention of wars and the promotion of peaceful coexistence among peoples. The way in which the United Nations handles the Iraq conflict, will serve as a yardstick for judging how well the UN lives up to its responsibility.

There is no justification for a war against Iraq.

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