After 11. September

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Hans C. Graf Sponeck (25.09.02)
IRAQ - Four Questions, Four Answers
presented at the European Colloqium in Brussels

Guardian, 15.2.02
US split with allies grows

Stratfor (14.02.02)
The Iraq Problem: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Balance

The U.S. State and Defense Departments appear to be pushing differing strategies for potentially removing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from power.

Seumas Milne (Guardian, 14.02.02)
Can the US be defeated?
America's global power has no historical precedent, but its room for manoeuvre is limited

IHT 14.2.2002
White House reportedly near decision on plan to oust Saddam

IHT, 13.2.2002
U.S. is weighing options on how to oust Saddam

STRATFOR, 12 2.02
The Iraqi Question: Who Can Replace Saddam?

George Monbiot (Guardian, 12.02.02)
America's imperial war

The liberals who backed the Afghan bombing are now lined up with rampant US militarism

Stratfor (11.02.02)
Iraq Losing Allies in Face of U.S. Threats

While the United States continues a war of words against Iraq, Baghdad's allies are beginning to melt away.

David M. Malone, IHT, 7.2.02
Remove Saddam? The Chore Would Have to Be Well Done

Arab News, 6.2.02
US defense budget exceeds funding for combined global militaries

James Risen, NYT, 6.2.02
Terror Acts by Baghdad Have Waned, U.S. Aides Say

New York Times, 6.2.02
Tenet's Testimony Before Senate Committee

New York Times, 5.2. 2002
Iraq Proposes U.N. Talks, and Gets a War

The Sunday Times, 3.2. 02
Eight-week plan to topple Saddam

Charles Krauthammer (NY Times, 1.2.02))
Redefining the War

Scott Ritter (Christ. Science Mon., 13.01.02)
Iraq: The Phantom Threat

Henry A. Kissinger (wp, 13.01.02)
Phase II and Iraq

Guardian, 9.1.02
Key US hawk softens line on Iraq strike (3.01.02)
7 nations involved in invasion plans set for February

NewsWeek, 7.01.02
Next Up - Saddam

After September 11, Washington sees Iraq?s weapons capabilities as a direct and intolerable threat to American national security.

Thomas L. Friedman (NYT, 20.12.01)
All alone - A Lonely Crusade Against Saddam

New York Times, 18.12.01
Many Arabs Nervous About Attack on Iraq, 13.12.01
Searching for Saddam's replacement

Jane's Defense 12.12.01
Gen Mikolashek takes US 3rd Army HQ to Kuwait

DAWN, 10.12 .01
US moves command base to Kuwait

Stratfor (04.12.01)
Iraq, Terrorism and Geopolitics

William Safire (NYT, 24.9.01)
The Ultimate Enemy